• Allison Harris

If I'm 86, Don't Invite Me to "Thirsty Thursday"

If I'm 86 there are a few things I want you to remember.

If I'm 86, I was born in 1930, three years before the prohibition era ended. I can likely recall stories from my parents of bathtub gin and speakeasies. Times were different back then, and I was raised in a culture so different from today.

if I'm 86, I want to tell you about that.

If I'm 86, I have been legally old enough to drink for over 65 years- that's over three quarters of my life. I have my drink and when I drink it, it brings back memories of parties, celebrations, long days, and old friends. Many of those good times and good friends are in the past now.

If I'm 86, I want to tell you those stories.

If I'm 86, my spouse and I probably observed the occasional cocktail hour before dinner. We may have had drinks for one of our first dates, and even enjoyed the occasional night cap.

If I'm 86, I want to remember those days.

If I'm 86, I want you to remember what the occasion of having a drink meant, and still means to me. It wasn't a "Happy Hour" or a "Thirsty Thursday". If I am 86 and living somewhere where they are planning such occasions for me, I want it not only to be called something in line with what I am accustomed to, but also be a chance for me to experience my stories and memories.

If I'm 86, please, invite me, but don't call it "Thirsty Thursday".

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