• Allie Mazza

Another Tie- A Gift Giving Guide for Older Dads

With Father's Day upon us, so many people are wracking their brains (the way they have for several years now) trying to come up with a gift idea for the men in their life. Dads are not always the easiest to buy for, and for those with older dads, especially those who are living in senior living communities where they don't need power tools or neck-ties anymore, the task of finding a gift that shows you care can be even more difficult.

So here we have a couple rules, a several tips, and even a few suggestions for planning for Father's Day this year and for those to come.

RULE ONE: Make it about HIM

Yes, a photo of your family, the grand kids, and something homemade are nice. Especially since he likely talks about you all the time, but make sure that if you are planning on something like a family album or a homemade grand-kid gift, you also get him something that is in tune with his interests.

RULE TWO: Wrap it.

Make a big deal about gift giving, and letting him know you've thought about him! Regardless of what the gift is (and even if it's something intangible like a trip, a nice meal, etc) have something wrapped that he can open and feel appreciated.

Tips for picking a great gift:

1. Consider how he's changed. There may be things he can't do the same way he used to. Be sensitive to those things when picking a gift. So if you know his favorite author just put out a new book, see if you can get him the large print version now that his eyes aren't as strong as they used to be.

2. Consider how he's still the same. Look for gifts that echo his past interests, hobbies, and talents. If he always had a green thumb but doesn't have space for a garden, maybe he can keep a window garden. If he was always into cars but had to give up driving, maybe you can get him tickets to a local car show or a model car.

3. Look for something he can come back to. You want to make sure that the gift you pick for his is something that will bring him enjoyment once you leave. Something he can display, work on, or cultivate will give him purpose and pride as opposed to something that is decoration or consumable.

4. When in doubt, go for small things. If you still can't think of something you know he'll love, try focusing on all the little things you know he'll appreciate. Put together a basket with his favorite snacks, books, postcards from his favorite places, movies, games, etc. Or, if you're feeling particularly creative, wrap one small thing for him to open on the first of each month from now until next Father's Day!

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